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We consider ourselves to be the best hair doctor Alpharetta has to offer. We can provide you with the best cut or color that makes you love the image that you see in the mirror. All of our professionals are very knowledgeable on what would suit you the best. From color to cut to perm and more we have multiple stylist that specialize in different areas. Regardless of who you go to we each promise to take care of you and customize each service to meet your needs .

Vogue News

Everyone please welcome our newest member, Robbie! She has been in the hair industry for over 5 years. Her strengths are highlights/color, perm and haircuts. Much of her continuing education has been hands on which shows with her work! Book an appointment with her and receive a free OLAPLEX treatment with your chemical service!


We are so happy to be back to our Salon. We have missed you so much! We would like to share some information with you regarding rules and regulations that we have in Vogue Hair Salon due to the COVID-19 virus.  During this pandemic we have followed all the CDC guidelines and more. All stylists have acquired certifications and extra training on disinfection against COVID-19.

Rolls for Salon:
1. We will keep clients at a distance from each other.
2. We will wear masks.
3.We will wash our hands/use sanitizer.
4. All of the combs/shears will be disinfected after each use (As we always have done.)
5. We are using Barbicide ( https://barbicide.com ) as well as Botaniclean (Safe Hospital Grade Disinfectant) for the stations.
6. Each client will have single use cape and towel. Bleach is also being used to disinfect the laundry.  
7.We will have antibacterial soap and hand sanitizer (if available due to restocking)
Rolls for Clients:
We will do everything that is in our power to provide the best and most safe service as we did in the past. Your help is needed as well during this time.
Our stylists work with the public and we have at least 25 people a day coming into the salon. Please be mindful of the spread of COVID- 19. 
1. Wear a mask before entering salon (if possible).
2. Wash hands/use sanitizer upon entering salon.
3. Social distancing (No hand shake or hugs)
4 .Do not bring excess items to the salon.
Please cancel your hair service if you think you have COVID-19 or any of the people you have come into contact with have been
diagnosed with COVID-19 in the past 14 days from your contact.
We can’t wait to see you back! Your beauty and safety is our top priority!

Modern Haircuts

Perhaps you are seeking a new hair cut? We offer the trendiest and most modern haircuts Alpharetta has to offer to keep you looking chic and smart. Our professionals are trained for updated cuts and styles based on the trends at the time. Multiple classes are taken during the year to keep us refreshed and up to date!

Our Partners

We are an upscale salon in Alpharetta GA. What sets us apart with the rest of the salons are the brands that we use. We have top of the line hair extensions and hair color products.


American Board of Certified Hair Colorist

The certification of hair colorists has long been a vision of many professionals in our industry. Our goal is to develop a standard on which to judge the skills and abilities used by the professional.  We acknowledge the level of excellence achieved in hair color which in turn creates credibility in the eyes of the client. The title American Board Certified Hair-colorist sets qualified individuals apart from the masses and establish a higher level of professionalism and trustworthiness for the client.  As in all professions, the consumer will seek out those certified for their expert knowledge and service excellence.

Meet the Owner

Katrina Grigoryan

Katrina has always had a drive to be the best and work hard for what she has. When she was 13 Katrina, along with her family, moved to Georgia from Kyrgyzstan. She started her career at Allure Beauty School, following that she studied an extra 2 years to become an American Board Certified Colorist. After experiencing both salon environments she decided it was time to open up her own salon. It took many months and a lot of hard work but in spring of 2013 Vogue Hair Salon was officially opened. The salon has been a huge success for her and all of the stylists working at it. With the growth of the first business she decided to take on a second one and that is when Vogue Spa was opened in September 2017.  

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